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Bulgarian Institute of Egyptology was founded in 2006 by Professor Sergei Ignatov, DSc., Department of Mediterranean and Eastern Studies, NBU, to encompass research in the field of Egyptology taught at NBU for 20 years. Prof. Ignatov is the first Bulgarian Egyptologist who established Egyptology as an academic discipline in the country. He designed the first Egyptology courses and programs at St. Kliment Ohridski University, Sofia, in 1985. Since 1994 Prof. Ignatov has been teaching at New Bulgarian University. He is the founder of Bulgarian school of Egyptology and through the establishment of the Bulgarian Institute of Egyptology (BIE) he made a further step to developing the discipline in Bulgaria. The mission of the institute is to advance knowledge in the field of Ancient Egyptian literature, language, history and religion.

In 2014 BIE was transformed into an independent center by decision of the Rector’s Council. The institute is committed to:

• organizing and implementing research at the Bulgarian mission in Egypt;
• issuing The Journal of Egyptological Studies (JES), an established journal in the field;
• organizing scientific events;
• organizing and maintaining NBU Egyptology Club within the secondary school system in Bulgaria;
• developing and implementing research projects; disseminating research results at international conferences and publishing in international journals;
• heading BA, MA and PhD programs in Egyptology and History and culture of the ancient East;

BIE supports students enrolled in BA, MA and PhD programs in Egyptology.
BIE issues The Journal of Egyptological Studies, an asset in numerous libraries all over the world.
BIE holds an annual traveling seminar in Egypt, combining field work, lectures, demonstrations and round-tables.
In 2012 BIE organized the Fourth International Congress of Young Egyptologists which hosted the World Congress of Egyptology initially scheduled to be held in Egypt but cancelled later on. The Congress titled Cult and Believe in Ancient Egypt was held in Bulgaria, Sofia, September 22-25. It commemorated 190 years of the establishment of Egyptology as an academic discipline. The global forum was attended by over 90 Egyptologists from 21 countries. Some of the most noteworthy participants were Dr. Richard Parkinson, curator of the Egyptian collection at the British Museum, the largest collection of Egyptian monuments outside Egypt; Prof. Dr. Joachim Kwak, head of the Institute of Egyptology at the University of Heidelberg; Dr Ian Shaw, the University of Liverpool, compiler of the Oxford History of Ancient Egypt; Dr. Eleni Vasilika, Department Chair of the Egyptian Museum in Turin.
In September 2008 BIE organized the prestigious international conference MELAMMU which brought together the world elite of the Ancient East science with participants from USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The conference was the most significant event organized in Bulgaria in the field of ancient history research.

BIE First Bulgarian Archaeological Mission in Egypt has been the only Bulgarian archaeological mission outside Bulgaria so far.

BIE scientists work on the excavation, recovery, conservation and publication of the tomb of the priest Piay (TT 263) from the time of Ramses II. The tomb is located in Sheikh Abd el-Gurna on the west bank of the Nile in the city of Luxor. The necropolis is the burial place of wealthy Egyptians who lived in the ancient city of Thebes, the capital of Egypt and the world for centuries.

Prof. Markham Geller (University College London), Prof. Richard Parkinson (Oxford University) and Prof. Antonio Panait (University of Bologna), internationally recognized scientists, specialists in ancient Egypt and ancient East, are awarded the title Honorary Doctors of NBU.

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Department Chair:
Prof. Sergei Ignatov, DSc
Building 1, Room 415
tel.: 02/8110 415
e-mail: signatov@nbu.bg

Nadezhda Kuprianova
Building 1, Room 415
tel .: 02/8110 415
e-mail: nkuprianova@nbu.bg